Dear site visitor, I have been visiting lovely Denmark and I am a bit familiar with your way of living. It's amazing that your country is so tidy and well-kept and friendly to everyone, lovely countryside areas, towns by the beach, Your sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, your love for nature is something to admire. And of course I have noticed “sommerhuse” the getaway place for you, for your family and friends to relax and spend quality time in nature.
- Arunas Bogusas, Manager of Houser, LTD

About our houses

We do believe that we can offer something so right for you, it can become your new “sommerhuse”, guest house,  your studio, office, your teenager’s first personal space and even a year-round house. Or maybe you have business in mind, it can become a short or long term rent object, why not?

Houser, LTD has to offer:

  • Prefabricated  houses made from SIP panels, light construction houses, which arrive at the customer’s location as a kit of materials to assemble (like a LEGO kit, but in a semi truck).
  • Furnished mobile houses, which can be partially or fully equipped.
  • House modules with steel frame – this type of construction can include a number of different building types and floor plans. Modular construction can be used for residential buildings up to 25 stories high.

Our houses are designed by us from scratch, every detail is well refined with precision. We focus on quality. All  houses are made in factories, they are ecological, do not harm the environment as much as regular houses.

Advantages of our houses

  • Fast delivery and construction.
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Can be assembled on a simple construction foundation.
  • They are simple to assemble, all instructions are included, so you save on labor costs.
  • Only high-quality and certified materials and quality products of partners (Budmat, Swiss Krono, Veka, Marcopol) are selected for production, which are offered with a guarantee of up to 25 years.
  • These houses leave much less debris on the construction site, make less noise, do not require heavy machinery.
  • Houses can be assembled in the cold seasons in remote areas where access is almost impossible for heavy machinery.
  • They are created with sustainability in mind and they have way smaller CO2 impact, so they are just something right to meet National strategy for sustainable construction in a new BR23 ( Bygningsreglementet 23).
  • Can be shipped worldwide.

HOUSER, LTD offers three categories of products

Prefabricated modular house

Prefabricated modular houses made of SIP panels

A new direction in home building, these houses are like bigger constructors that you can assemble yourself! Features: fast and eco-friendly construction, focused on high quality.

Modular house

Furnished mobile houses

Fully or partly equipped furnished mobile houses. Furnished mobile houses do not need a foundation, and if necessary, the modular house can be easily transported to another place.

Building modules with a metal frame

The construction of this type of modules can include various types of buildings, floor plans, the height of these buildings can reach up to 25 floors.

More about our offer and technology

  • Our prefabricated houses are made of SIP panels arrive in 30-60 days after order as a kit of materials for self-assembly along with a detailed, multimedia construction manual. Prefabricated modular houses made of SIP can be placed on all types of foundation. The house’s heaviest parts only weigh up to 70 kg. A three-person crew can assemble a house on their own in only 6-7 days. The house inside is unfinished, to its own finish and arrangement. Facade, roofing, doors, windows are included in our offer. There are optional extras to order: SIP floor, electrical, hydraulic installation, pergola, stairs, roller shutters, please contact for more details.
  • Furnished mobile houses are fully or partly equipped. These homes are preferred by both private clients and companies that offer short-term housing. Such homes don’t require a foundation, which is a major benefit. Modular homes may also be moved quickly to another location if necessary.
  • If you have something bigger in your mind – we have to offer building modules with a metal frame that may be joined together to create larger structures like offices and mini-hotels, which can have up to 25 floors in height.
  • Our houses can be shipped worldwide.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us via phone: +37062424343 (we also use: Viber, WhatsApp, Facetime) | e-mail: